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List of Authorized Sellers



Authorized Sellers on

  • Amazing Light




Why must I purchase from an Authorized Seller?

Silicone Designs, Ideal Home and MyHomeBasic products have been manufactured to the highest quality using only the best materials and design.  


Unfortunately, there are many companies (in the US and abroad) that make knock-offs and try to take advantage of leading brands position in the marketplace.  There are also sellers that buy products used and pass them off as new.  To protect our customers, we publish which sellers are authorized and will honor warranty claims when our products are purchased from them.  When you purchase from other authorized sellers besides Amazing Light and Silicone Designs, additional information will be needed to verify claim before it can be approved.


What if I purchased my products from a Non Authorized Seller?

You should immediately return your product and repurchase from an authorized seller.  


If you purchased your product through, you can always use the "A to Z Claims" feature against the unauthorized seller to request a refund.  Most A to Z claim requests are honored by Amazon.


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