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Return and Refund Policy



Last Updated 2015-11-09




This return and refund policy covers products that are labeled with our Silicone Designs, Ideal Home or My Home Basics brands, collectively called “Silicone Designs”.  Our return and refund policy is valid for 30 days from the date of your purchase, whether online, in a store or tradeshow.  After 30 days, if your product is covered under a warranty, you may have additional options.  Please see the warranty section for your product.




If you purchased your product through an online store, you will need to return your product through that online store.  Direct returns to the manufacturer are not accepted.  You will need to work directly with the seller of your product to arrange for a return and refund of your purchase price.  Returns and refunds will be subject to the policies of the online store where you made your purchase.  You are responsible for any return shipping fees. 


If you purchased your product at a trade show (such as Canton First Monday), then you will need to contact us through the “Contact Us” section of our website, or email us at  You will need to provide us the date of the trade show and the “Order ID” that was given to you in your correspondence.  If it has been less than 30 days since the last day of the trade show, then Silicone Designs will provide the return address for you to return your product.  You are responsible for return shipping, tracking numbers and insurance fees.  We do not guarantee that we will receive your returned item.




If you need to return your product my mail, you are responsible for the shipping and insurance fees.  These fees are not reimbursable.  Silicone Designs needs to receive your product back in the original packaging and within 14 days of providing you an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number.  Products returns without an RMA number will not be accepted, no refunds will be provided and the product will not be return shipped to you. 




  • Contact the seller of your product using the return tools of your online store.

  • The online store will handle the return and refund for you, and will work directly with your seller.

  • Do not contact Silicone Designs directly on our website; you will need to work directly with your seller.




  • Contact us using the “Contact Us” section of our website.

  • Provide us the Order ID, purchase location, purchase date, product name and a description of any pre-existing product damage.  If possible, send us a photo of your product.  You can also email this information to us at

  • Silicone Designs will reply back to you if your return is authorized.  If authorized, Silicone Designs will provide you with a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number and the return shipping address.

  • Upon receipt of the RMA number, you have 14 days to return your product to the return shipping address provided.  You are responsible for the return box, tracking number and insurance. Returns must be in the original container and in re-sellable condition.  A restocking fee of up to 25% may apply.

  • Silicone Designs will inspect the returned item for validation it is a Silicone Designs product, no damage has occurred and the product is re-sellable condition.

  • Silicone Designs will email the results of the inspection within 5 business days of receipt of the product.  All decisions are final.

  • If the return is approved by Silicone Designs, the refund will be provided within 14 business days.




In the event you file a Chargeback against Silicone Designs accidentally or otherwise and the Chargeback is not decided in your favor – you will be charged a $100.00 Chargeback filing fee as well as a $75.00 processing fee. It is strongly encouraged that you contact our Customer Support at to assist you with any billing concerns before considering filing a Dispute or Chargeback with your bank or Credit Card Company.

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